Avant Garde League of Legends Roster Announcement

Thu 7th Jan 2016 - 11:50am


With the start of the 2016 League of Legends Oceanic Pro League around the corner, it’s time we announced our finalised roster for the first split. Firstly, we say goodbye to two veterans of the Avant team. Kenste and Porky were with Avant for a year and a half each, and during that time became respected players within the Oceanic Pro League scene. Warble joined AV for the second split of the OPL and was a solid addition to the team. Avant are pleased to announce the three players who will be filling these roles.

Firstly, we have Mitchell ‘Destiny’ Shaw who was the support last split. With an ambition to consistently improve, it has seen him move to the ADC position on our roster.

                “I have decided to swap to a more carry oriented role to display my mechanics as an individual more evidently. Playing from bottom lane has allowed me to understand matchups, positioning and decision making which can be implemented into my play. I strive to become the best marksman in OCE as I have faith in Blindturkey guiding me into this direction”

– Mitchell ‘Destiny’ Shaw

To fill the now vacant support position, we have Joshua ‘blindturkey’ Patrizi. Joshua is a veteran to the Oceanic Challenger scene and has played on a large variety of teams.

                “I've been playing League since the end of season 1, and before moving onto the OCE server I was mid plat. After the Oceanic server came out I grinded the ladder making D1/Challenger. I've played on many teams such as SYF, Snx, Team Unlimited, Krispy Kreme Crew and many other teams for smaller periods of time. I've attempted to make top 8/OPL at least 8 times however have failed for numerous reasosn. Now that I’m on AV I've finally got a shot to show myself in the big leagues and I hope to make all the AV fans happy and bring them to the top.”

– Joshua ‘Blindturkey’ Patrizi

In the middle lane, we have Stephen ‘Triple’ Li. Stephen is unfortunately too young to play until February until he turns 17. During this time, Jesse ‘Wrekt’ Mikic will be substituting for him.

               “I’ve been playing the game since the end of season two with no previous MOBA experience and reached challenger in season four which was when I first considered an eSports career. I have no previous experience with professional teams so I’m excited to prove to everyone that I’m a worthy contender.”

– Stephen ‘Triple’ Li

Joining our roster in the top lane position we have Malaz ‘Malaz’ Khodier.

              “I started league in season 3 and took me a year and a half to get challenger for the first time. League of Legends was the first MOBA I had played. Due to my quick success, many people thought I scripted my way to challenger and I decided to go with the flow because I thought of that as being a compliment. I did some coaching for some teams as I studied the game and was watching lots of vods at the time. I am currently studying medical science at university and have decided to play in the OPL because of my time schedule”

-Malaz ‘Malaz’ Khodier

This leaves our starting roster as:

Malaz             – Top

Chelby           – Jungle

Triple             – Mid

Destiny          – ADC

Blindturkey    – Support

Wrekt             – Substitute

We hope our fans continue to support our new roster during the OPL which starts on January 18th.



Emma van der Brug